We have been serving Commercial/Industrial and Tennant Improvement clients in San Joaquin, Alameda and counties beyond since 1989.

From very small projects and repairs to complete ground up construction we have successfully completed projects in:
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities of all kinds
  • Distribution centers
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Food processing facilities
  • Concrete work of all kinds
  • Retail and Tenant Improvement projects
  • Athletic facilities
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Server rooms
  • Building repairs of just about every kind
  • Offices, etc., etc.
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We do many “out of the ordinary” projects.

We realize that we are in your house and do our best to keep out of your way.

We are sticklers for keeping a clean, tidy and safe jobsite.

We have done many concrete only projects such as foundations for four 140 ton printing presses, over eight thousand linear feet of 1’-0” thick by up to 4’-0” tall concrete curb walls to protect freezer and refrigerator walls, containment curbs, foundations of every kind, tank pads, walkways, fountains, waterfalls, etc., etc. If it can be built out of concrete we can build it. We've evenbuilt a concrete dinosaur.

Generally, we do our own demolition, excavation, concrete work, framing, interior and exterior trim, pretty much anything involving carpentry and depending on the complexity and how busy we are we will do our own electrical, plumbing, drywall and painting. We do as much of our work “In House” as we can, limiting sub contractors and thus having a higher level of control over quality and schedule. The sub-contractors we do use are also licensed, bonded and insured. Most of the sub-contractors that we do use have been with us for many years, some for decades. Before hiring, all of our employees pass drug tests and background checks.

For projects that require building permits, we can do all of the interaction with the City/County including pre-project planning, the permitting process, inspections, etc.

On projects that call for drawings, we can work with your designer or architect or with a professional designer on staff (a former building inspector) to create the design and drawings for your project in house at a fraction of the cost of bringing in an outside designer or architect. We have a good working relationship with several engineers and other building industry professionals, as well.

Let us help you solve your problems.
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